These classic Bollywood Ringtones were comprised of short robot

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These retro Bollywood Ringtones will bring you back to a simpler time when the cellular telephone was new and exciting! Before smart phones and touch screens, phones were simpler and featured a classic style of ringtone.

These classic Bollywood Ringtones were comprised of short robot-like beeps in various pitches. Fancy Bollywood Ringtones even used these pitched beeps to put together simple songs. These somewhat old-fashioned Bollywood Ringtones are quite the contrast modern technology that allows any type of sound or song to be used as a ringtone.

These throwback Bollywood Ringtones evoke nostalgia for old flip-phones or perhaps retro video games! Retro Bollywood Ringtones are the perfect hipster way to go antique. Or perhaps you’re of an older generation and are truly sick of Bollywood Ringtones that don’t sound like Bollywood Ringtones, in which case these retro style tones are perfect for you! Modern Bollywood Ringtones may be pretty, but when your phone rings you can never tell if the music is an incoming call, a song playing on the radio or a perhaps a commercial on TV

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