How to set up ring back tones for free (Update 2022)

1. Open the mobile phone, click on the app store, search and download the migu app, and install it, enter the migu app homepage, click on the free ring tones, enter the free ring back tones page and select your favorite ring tones.

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2. You can also enter the free time limit in the ranking list, and choose your favorite song from the following songs as the ring back tone.

3. If you don’t have your favorite ring tones in the free ring tones and the ranking list, you can also click DIY in the middle below to edit a ringtone yourself.

4. After clicking I want to DIY, click to edit the ringtone.

5. Click to edit your favorite songs and upload them to the ringtone to the Internet. After a few hours, the ringtone will be uploaded successfully.
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1. First, you need to download a “Migu ringtone” on your phone, click and open it, as shown in the figure below.

2. After clicking to open “Migu Ringtones”, there is an option of “Free Ringtones” in the upper menu bar, select and click to open, the RBTs inside are all free, and you can choose your favorite RBTs in it.

3. In addition to “free ring tones”, you can also find the option “free for a limited time”. After clicking to open, the ring tones inside are also free to use, but there is a time limit.

4. If you don’t have any discretion you like in the free ring tones, you can find the option “I want to DIY” in the “DIY area” and click to open it to make your own ring tones.

5. After clicking the “I want to DIY” option, select the “Clip ringtone” below, as shown in the figure below.

6. After clicking “Clip ringtones”, select your favorite ringtones in “Long ringtones” to edit.

7. After editing, click the “Upload Ringtones” button below, and after the review is passed, you can use the RBT as your own ringtone.

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The free ring back tone setting method is as follows:

1. First open the downloaded “migu” app, then click on the free ring tones and enter to choose your favorite ringtone.

2. You can also enter the rankings, then click Free for a limited time, and choose your favorite song as the ringtone.

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